Ronqeiya Luther – National Volunteer Week 2020 Spotlight

We are endlessly grateful to our volunteers for giving their time to better the lives of those impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Our volunteers are truly the heart of the Alzheimer’s Association here in North Carolina.

In honor of National Volunteer Week 2020, we’ll be spotlighting a different volunteer from our Chapter each day. Today we are featuring…

Ronqeiya Luther
Greensboro, NC

What brought you to volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association?

In High School, I always said that I would be a nurse who worked specifically with the elderly population. After graduating , my first job was a CNA in an Alzheimer’s unit. I absolutely fell in love with my patients, and my focus never changed. During my Graduate School Internship at the Center for Outreach in Alzheimer’s, Aging and Community Health, I became involved with research which led to me volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association.

What volunteer role(s) do you have with the Association?

Alzheimer’s State Champion

State Champions are advocates who engage with state legislators right here in their home state of North Carolina, to focus on the issues that effect the lives of our communities in our great state.  Champions are trained on the basics of advocacy engagement, the North Carolina legislative process, and how to share your story with your elected official.  Champions schedule legislative visits and invite legislators to events in their home districts. Additionally, they attend our State Advocacy Day, leading small groups in legislative meetings at the state capitol to drive home our state priority asks.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer role?

There a few things that I enjoy about my role. They are:

  • Meeting new people from all across the world who have the same passion as I.
  • Educating my community and the legislators about how Alzheimer’s Disease is currently effecting those in my community.
  • Being a voice for individuals who may not feel like they have a voice in our community.

What piece of your role do you feel makes the biggest impact?

The biggest piece of my role that I feel makes the biggest impact is speaking to our state legislators and our senators. By speaking to them directly, I believe it gives them a chance to view this epidemic in a different light.

If someone were considering volunteering with the Association, what would you say to them?

I would tell them to absolutely go for it. I would let them know to be prepared to be inspired by all of the many stories that they will hear and the special individuals that they will meet. Through this organization I have met so many individuals who I am still connected to in many ways.


Volunteers truly help move our mission forward. Interested in becoming a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association in NC?
Visit or call 800-272-3900. 

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