A call for North Carolina to get moving together

Let’s face it, we’ve all had too much couch time, Netflix binging, and snacks recently.  With that in mind, we’re kicking off The Longest Day MOVEment Challenge.  We’re inviting all of North Carolina to join some activity good for our body and brain health.  Doesn’t matter whether you run in your neighborhood, on your treadmill, clip in for a ride on your bike, or simply work to see those steps increase on your fitness tracker. Join us in turning those miles into a MOVEment.

Ways to participate

Tell Your Story and Ask for Donations

  • Tell your network why you are moving! Share what you’re doing on social media.
  • Ask for donations per mile, workout, or for general gifts.
  • Check out our tip sheet to help get started! 

Plan Your Route

Put on Your Gear on and Get Moving

  • Whether it’s a loop around your neighborhood, on your stationary bike in your living room or a mile on an eliptical – get some MOVEment

Log and Share Your Miles

Need a little more motivation? Everyone who participates through the end of June is eligible to win a MOVEment Challenge Fitness Pack – stocked full of The Longest Day swag and active gear! Join us (while safely social distancing) – to stay active and support your body, brain, and the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association!

Happy miles! Stay safe and healthy and know the Association is here for you!


Hannah Litaker, Manager, The Longest Day
hwlitaker@alz.org | 980.498.7724

The Longest Day is currently moving forward as planned. We recommend that participants continue with virtual fundraising efforts and adhere to CDC guidelines when planning in-person fundraising activities. To help family caregivers navigate the current complex and quickly changing environment, the Alzheimer’s Association has also offered additional guidance to families, visit our COVID-19 Help Center for more information.

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