Not by Word, But by Deed

“I really do firmly, firmly believe that the success of a community is brought about by individuals who are able… everyone who is a capable member of society has a duty and an obligation to help those around you, whether they’re suffering mentally, physically, financially. Whatever it is to help lift everybody up and that’s what I think makes a community a functioning society,” explains Shari Goldstein. Shari and her husband Stuart are the co-chairs of the 2022 Charlotte Memory Gala taking place on May 21, continuing a long history of successful philanthropy. Stu, managing partner of the Charlotte office of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP, has been involved with the Alzheimer’s Association for nearly 10 years, serving in a number of leadership capacities, including vice chairman of the Western Carolina Chapter’s board of directors.  

Like many, Stu’s involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association began when this tragic disease became a reality for his family. After his mother’s passing, Stu was surprised to discover that his father was struggling with memory issues and with managing his day-to-day affairs. The family started noticing that their Dad would mix up the names of his grandchildren or be unsure about directions to common places. They initially brushed these off as “normal aging“, but eventually these signals became hard to ignore. After a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and amyloid angiopathy, Stu immediately contacted the Alzheimer’s Association to find out all he could about helping his father.

“My father has always been the biggest person in the room, not necessarily by word, but by deed.”

Stu receiving his 2019 Award of Excellence

Stu was inspired by his father’s positive spirit, and that inspiration propelled Stu to be proactive and to get involved. “My dad was a very giving man. He was involved with charities both locally and nationally. He really cared about people as individuals,” shares Stu. With much research and through his own experience, Stu quickly acknowledged the tremendous need for support, not only for the individuals living with Alzheimer’s but also for their caregivers. “The worst part about it, is that you’re without any real help. If you get diagnosed by a neurologist, they bring in a social worker, and there’s not much a social worker can do at a doctor’s office to help. When you start to turn for answers, there aren’t a lot of places. The Alzheimer’s Association local chapter was great in that way. The staff was great, the resources were great, just having somebody who could tell you what to expect or what were some of the things you had to plan for,” recalls Stu.

Stu was honored at the 2019 Charlotte Memory Gala with the Award of Excellence. Celebrated annually, the Alzheimer’s Association Award of Excellence recognizes individuals, families, or companies for their work in our community and their ongoing support of the Alzheimer’s Association. Honorees of the Award of Excellence are integral in how the Association continues to fulfill its mission in North Carolina and beyond. ​ The Goldstein Family regularly participates in and supports the Association’s educational programming and fundraising initiatives and has been the leading fundraiser for Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Charlotte for the past several years. “To be invited to support organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association from the viewpoint of a big picture supporter, I think what makes a big difference is when you have first hand experience, all of a sudden, with somebody who is going to be adversely affected with [this disease], it gives you a very different viewpoint,” shares Shari.

Stu and Shari are very excited to be co-chairing this year’s Charlotte Memory Gala. “While COVID has made organizing these events challenging, it kind of forced everything to pivot this year. [We have] sort of a different, fresh kind of theme, and you know I’m excited about that. I think it’s always fun when you present something differently, it really stands out to people,” explains Shari. This year’s Gala, guests will come adorned in their best garden chic attire for an evening under the stars.

About the Charlotte Memory Gala

Saturday, May 21, 2022
6:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Front Lawn & Terrace of The Mint Museum Randolph | Charlotte, NC

Influential community and business leaders will gather on the front lawn and terrace of The Mint Museum Randolph for the 2022 Charlotte Memory Gala that celebrates the lives of loved ones impacted by dementia as well as raises funds to underwrite the Alzheimer’s Association support, education, advocacy and research initiatives. Join us for an elegant evening under the stars that features a reception, dinner, powerful mission moments, auction, live entertainment by KingDaddy, and of course, dancing.

For more information, tickets or for sponsorship opportunities, visit The reservation deadline is April 29.

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