LUCAS COE – National Volunteer Week 2022 Spotlight

We are endlessly grateful to our volunteers for giving their time to better the lives of those impacted by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Our volunteers are truly the heart of the Alzheimer’s Association here in North Carolina.

In honor of National Volunteer Week 2022, we’ll be spotlighting a different volunteer from our Chapter each day. Today we are featuring…


What brought you to volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association?

I lost both of my maternal grandparents to this terrible disease and it has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I have finally decided to take a more active role in the fight.

What volunteer role(s) do you have with the Association?

Last year I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Charlotte just a few weeks before the Walk and ended up raising enough funds to be a Grand Champion. At the event I ran into Sally Kay and we got to talking and I agreed to join the Charlotte Memory Gala committee to try and help recruit auction items. I’ve been able to help some, but look forward to doing bigger and better things for the organization for years!

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer role?

Simply the fact of knowing I am doing something for a cause I believe in! For too many years I have said I believe in this cause, but never took action, so I am just glad I have finally taken action!

What piece of your role do you feel makes the biggest impact?

I honestly am not sure. I have had a lot going on this year (starting a new job, going back to Grad School, etc…), so I have not been able to do as much as I would like, but I do hope the things I have done will make a difference.

If someone were considering volunteering with the Association, what would you say to them?

DO IT! The Alzheimer’s Association is a fantastic organization filled with wonderful people! Whether you can do a little or a lot, you should do what you can to make a difference! You will be glad you did.


Volunteers truly help move our mission forward. Interested in becoming a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association in NC?
Visit or call 800-272-3900. 

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