Advancing the Science Webinar: Local Research Spotlight

Alzheimer’s is a global health problem with more than 6 million people living with the disease in the U.S. alone. Tremendous gains have been made in the understanding of the science and basic biology underlying Alzheimer’s and other dementias. These advances are leading to great strides in strategies for prevention, detection, diagnostics, and therapeutic interventions.

As a global leader in research, the Alzheimer’s Association is proud to offer free webinars about the exciting progress in the field, led by a local Research Champion from our staff team.

WEBINAR: Advancing the Science: The Latest in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research
November 29
5:30-6:30 PM

Join us to learn about the landscape of Alzheimer’s and dementia science in an easy-to-understand format. We’ll cover modifiable risk factors, biomarkers for early detection and diagnosis, and of course the latest advances in clinical trials, treatments and lifestyle interventions.

Local Research Spotlight:

Dr. Lawrence Reagan
University of South Carolina

This session will also feature guest researcher Dr. Lawrence Reagan, Vice-Chair and Professor of Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience at the University of South Carolina. He presented at this year’s Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on how the administration of intranasal insulin impacts cognition and brain metabolism.

Dr. Reagan’s group research interest in determining the underlying structural, neurochemical, and functional changes produced by stress in the hippocampus to achieve a greater understanding of how these alterations may contribute to the development of cognitive impairments in a variety of clinical situations, including recurrent depressive illness—examining the effects of metabolic stressors like diabetes and obesity on hippocampal neuroplasticity. His ongoing studies are examining the ability of pharmacological and lifestyle interventions to restore hippocampal neuroplasticity in experimental models of stress, diabetes, and obesity.

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Learn more about the current pace of Alzheimer’s and dementia research and the Alzheimer’s Association role as a global leader in the field.

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    1. Hi, Bob. Thanks for the interest in this presentation. Due to the changing nature of our research programs, we do not record them. However, we have another one coming up in November. We have your email address from this comment, so we’ll let you know once registration is live. Or if at anytime you want to check back our most up to date program calendar can be found at


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