Get active during North Carolina Advocacy Engagement Week – March 12-18, 2023

On March 12-18, North Carolina will hold an Advocacy Engagement Week to raise awareness among our federal and state legislators, ask for their support for NC families facing Alzheimer’s or other dementia, and build momentum by harnessing the power of many advocates’ voices. With just a few minutes each day, you can make a big impact in support of key policies in our state.

Sign up today by texting NCADVOCATE to 52886 to receive details about the quick actions you can take. 

Our priorities this year are bigger and bolder than ever:

  • To ensure access to FDA-approved Alzheimer’s treatments
  • Increase research funding through the NIH and continue building upon our public health infrastructure through additional funding for the BOLD Act
  • Urge state legislators to pass legislation that formally codifies the Dementia-Capable North Carolina State Plan
  • And that is just the beginning! Learn more about our other priorities during Advocacy Engagement Week

Like to plan ahead? Here’s a sneak peek at our planned advocacy activities, so you can mark your calendar:

Sunday, March 12 

Kick off the week by emailing your member of Congress in support of increased funding for Alzheimer’s research at the NIH. We’ll provide a link that makes it quick and easy to send a message — and tweet them too if you choose! 

Monday, March 13 

Join advocates from across the country in urging your federal legislators to support access to FDA-approved Alzheimer’s treatments by writing a Letter to the Editor. Don’t have time to write a letter Send your members of Congress a message asking them to keep Alzheimer’s at the forefront of our national focus by cosponsoring the NAPA Reauthorization Act and Alzheimer’s Investment and Accountability Act

Tuesday, March 14 

Help build momentum ahead of our North Carolina State Advocacy Day taking place on Wednesday, March 15 by asking your state representatives to sponsor a bill to codify the Dementia-Capable NC State Alzheimer’s Plan and require a plan update every four years. 

Wednesday, March 15 

Create a 1 – 2 minute video to share what more time with your loved one due to access to Alzheimer’s treatments would mean to you and share it on social media. We will provide a script to help you get started!

Thursday, March 16 

Solidify the impact of the North Carolina State Advocacy Day by asking your state representatives to sponsor a bill to require the NC Division of Public Health to incorporate dementia into existing public health outreach campaigns. 

Friday, March 17 

Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join you in the fight against Alzheimer’s by becoming an advocate. We will provide a link that makes it quick and easy to send a message to friends & family by email, text or on social media. 

Saturday, March 18 

Closeout Advocacy Engagement Week by sending an email educating your member of Congress about the importance of the Comprehensive Care for Alzheimer’s Act and asking for their support of this bill. 

Please feel free to share this far and wide… the more people we have going purple this week, the bigger impact we can make!

For more information, contact Lindsey Golden, Advocacy Manager, at

Here’s a few social media tips to help you throughout Engagement Week and in your advocacy efforts.

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