Upcoming webinar to discuss newest treatment for Alzheimer’s

You may have heard in the news recently about a new Alzheimer’s treatment. Although current medications cannot cure Alzheimer’s, one treatment addresses the underlying biology. Other medications may help lessen symptoms, such as memory loss and confusion. This new treatment, called Aducanumab, is the first therapy to demonstrate that removing amyloid, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease, from the brain is reasonably likely to reduce cognitive and functional decline in people living with early Alzheimer’s. As with any new treatment, there are questions. This program will provide you with information on this new therapy and all treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.  

In this new virtual webinar, New Advances in Alzheimer’s Treatment, we will:

  • List FDA-approved treatments
  • Explain the impact of Aducanumab on amyloid plaques in the brain, its potential benefits and side effects
  • Explain the pathways to access treatment
  • Describe the resources available through the Alzheimer’s Association

Join us on one of the following days for an overview of how Aducanumab works, who are the intended candidates to receive the treatment, availability, and more.

Register by phone (800.272.39800) or online today:

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